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Benchmark your talent to Singapore Norms

So….. What are norms?

Norms refer to a sample of data that has been collected for use as a benchmark or comparison group when interpreting results on a psychometric test. For norms to be effective, careful sampling is needed to ensure that the sample is suitably representative of the population.

Why do they matter?

Psychometric tests are instruments, typically tests or questionnaires, that measure a specific capability or characteristic of a person. These include qualities such as abilities, personality traits, values, and skills. Often times, these qualities need to be interpreted in comparison with the scores of other people in the same cultural context.

For example, when assessing the critical reasoning ability of a potential job applicant, you would be most interested to know how the applicant scores in comparison to others in the job market. A well-constructed norm helps you to achieve this by giving you a set of comparison data against which you can benchmark an applicant.

Which Talentlens tests have local norms available?

A Singapore General Population Norm is available on Watson-Glaser™ Critical Thinking Appraisal and the Sosie™ Personality and Values questionnaire.

Learn more about Watson-Glaser™ and available norms.
Learn more about Sosie™ and available norms.

How do I access the norms?

These norms are integrated onto our Talentlens online testing platform. Once you make the choice of which norm group to use, results are automatically benchmarked against the chosen norm group.