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Sosie Personality & Values

Assess motivations, preferences and job fit in one instrument

Sosie is a psychometric assessment of an individual’s personality and values. Going beyond simple personality tests, Sosie assesses both personality preferences and values, providing an in-depth understanding of people’s motivation, preferences and job fit, in one instrument.

Personality & Values

Personality tells you about an individual’s preferred ways of behaving; values tell you about the priorities of an individual. Personality tells you “how people behave”; values tell you “why they behave that way”.

This combined assessment of personality and values allows Sosie to provide a nuanced and detailed profiling of an individual’s personal resources, their strengths and developmental needs, their motivations, sources of satisfaction and likely fit to an organisational culture. This makes Sosie a tool of particular relevance to HR professionals in the fields of recruitment, career management, career guidance, skills assessment and training.

Sosie assesses the following qualities:

  • 8 Personality Traits
  • 6 Personal Values
  • 6 Interpersonal Values
Three Report versions are available on Sosie:
  • Sosie Profile Report: Suitable for experienced practitioners looking to incorporate Sosie results into an assessment process
  • Sosie Interpretive Report: Competency-based enhanced report with detailed interpretation of Sosie results and suggested interview questions
  • Sosie Feedback Report: Narrative description of a Sosie profile, suitable as a feedback report for Sosie respondents
Norm Groups Available
  • Singapore General Population
  • UK General Population