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Its-a-different-ball-game-thumbIdealistic, self-absorbed, unfocused and demanding. Meet the Millennials, coming soon to a cubicle near you. Never before has a cohort of people triggered as much exasperation as this generation.What really makes them different? What are just stereotypes and what are genuine interpersonal differences at play? How can organisations truly engage and motivate the Millennial worker? TalentLens unpacks the data to find out what truly matters to Millennials.
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cover-ct-mbWhat is more important than how your employees analyze, reason & think? Inside our 8-page paper Critical Thinking Means Business you’ll get the facts about critical thinking, what it is (and isn’t), how it helps problem solving and decision making, and the steps to developing a critical thinking training program.
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cover-manuskillsEffectively meeting the challenges of modern manufacturing has become much more than a bricks and mortar issue because success now requires personnel who have what it takes to blend their mastery of technology with rapid but sound decision making. Learn how to leverage the predictive model when hiring.
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cover-retainGood leaders commonly state that they surround themselves with the best people. In turn, high-performing business cultures are fueled by employees who deliver productivity, innovation, and profitability. But first, an organization needs to view and understand its job candidates as individuals, rather than as simple resumes.
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cover-gainedgeTo survive and prosper in today’s economy, businesses are learning to think in new and different ways, including how they use talent assessments. Read how TalentLens customers are using assessments to raise the bar, develop teams and identify talent.
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cover-ct-jpThis study was conducted to evaluate the relationship between a measure of critical thinking ability and job performance as measured by supervisors’ ratings. Results indicated that the measure of critical thinking ability is related to several important aspects of job performance.
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Cover-The-Measurement-of-ValuesA number of questionnaires measure an individual’s traits and increasing numbers of organisations use these measures in recruitment and development to help indicate the likely fit between an individual’s personality and the behaviours required in a role. The SOSIE questionnaire measures both traits AND values in one instrument.
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How-to-Translate-Hiring-Needs-ThumbWhat hiring managers say they want, What they mean, & What to do about it.
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National-Day-ThumbSingapore employees sometimes get bad press about being unhappy, emotionless and dissatisfied with work. But surely this is not the full picture about employees in Singapore. On our nation’s 49th birthday, we thought we would celebrate the Singaporean employee and paint a fuller picture of the men and women that work in this country.
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Critical-Thinking-Case-Study-ThumbCritical Thinking refers to the ability to identify and analyse problems, seek and evaluate relevant information, in order to reach an appropriate conclusion. Effective critical thinkers make good decisions, the foundational capability that underlies organisational success.
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Numerical-Reasoning-ThumbMost people readily recognise a cognitive ability test or an intelligence test, as an abstract assessment of mental reasoning ability, based on solving multiple-choice problems in the form of abstract patterns or written text. Numerical reasoning tests falls very well within this domain of psychometric tests but are often seen as more of a dressed-up maths test.
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guide-to-psychometric-test-ThumbThe rise of BigData presents interesting prospects for HR and business leaders who rely on data to make important people decisions. When it comes to people data, those who closely follow these trends know that some of the most critical sources of data come from psychometric assessments.
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Incremental Validity of Numerical Reasoning over Critical Thinking

This study was conducted to evaluate the incremental validity of numerical reasoning over critical thinking in predicting job performance and overall potential as measured by supervisors’ ratings. Results indicated significant incremental validity of numerical reasoning over and above critical thinking in the prediction of  overall performance and overall potential.

Understanding the Relationship Between Critical Thinking and Job Performance

This study was conducted to evaluate the relationship between a measure of critical thinking ability and job performance as measured by supervisors’ ratings. Results indicated that the measure of critical thinking ability is related to several important aspects of job performance.

Access Worldwide, a leading BPO and marketing company, is striving hard to provide high quality customer support and business services.

El Pollo Loco, the nation’s leading quick-service restaurant chain specializing in flame-grilled chicken.

The Korean Organizing Committee for the 2002 FIFA World Cup Korea/Japan was responsible for running one of the world’s premier sporting events.

Netherlands Ministry of Justice, is responsible for implementing the law, that required all persons seeking to immigrate to The Netherlands be able to demonstrate proficiency with spoken Dutch.

For Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL), providing an excellent customer experience is a priority. To ensure a positive customer experience, recruiting top-notch staff with the right language skills is crucial.

Methodist Healthcare System in San Antonio, Texas wasn’t simply looking for workers who would stay but were looking for workers who are both clinically skilled and customer-focused.

The university hires international graduate students who have cleared the International Teaching Assistant (ITA) Program, to become teaching assistants.