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Product Matrix

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Area of Assessment
Selection & Recruitment
General Ability Core Abilities, Raven’s APM, Raven’s SPM, DAT
Critical Thinking W-GCTA, RANRA W-GCTA, RANRA
Leadership W-GCTA, Golden, Peter Honey Learning Series W-GCTA, SOSIE
Job Fit SOSIE SOSIE, Occupational Customer Service
Automated Spoken English Assessment Versant English Test Versant English Test
Automated Written English Assessment Versant Placement Test Versant Placement Test
Problem Solving Raven’s APM, Raven’s SPM, RANRA
Customer Service Versant English Test, Versant Placement Test, Occupational Customer Service
Team Building Golden, Peter Honey Learning Series
Personality SOSIE, Golden, Peter Honey Learning Series SOSIE
Workplace Values SOSIE SOSIE
Career Guidance DAT DAT