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Raven’s APM Update – Launched

New option for unsupervised administration

TalentLens is delighted to announce a revised version of the classic Raven’s Advanced Progressive Matrices test (APM) has been launched.

Raven’s is a prestigious measure of fluid intelligence (general ability), suitable to help recruitment for a variety of positions.

The test lasts 30 minutes and is conducted online – enabling unsupervised, large scale sifting out.

Try Raven’s III for yourself to assess it’s suitability for your recruitment purposes.


  • Reduces hiring and time costs
  • Quickly sifts out unsuitable candidates
  • Global testing – instructions in 9 languages
  • Improves candidate quality at final stage of recruitment
  • Determines candidates’ ability to solve complex problems
  • Free test platform access for orders of 30 units or more

What is Inductive Reasoning?

Inductive reasoning is the ability to analyse information and solve problems on an intricate, thought based level. It measures candidates’ fluid intelligence – this is the ability to think clearly and make sense of complexity.

A variety of norms are available, as well as a revised International Technical Manual, produced to incorporate information on the new version of the test and recent research based on a large sample of archival data.

Try Raven’s III for yourself to assess its suitability for your recruitment purposes.