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Golden Personality Type Profiler

Develop individuals & teams by understanding personal style

The Golden Personality Type Profiler is a Jungian Type personality questionnaire, that can be used for personal development. Golden provides information on individuals’ unique personality characteristics, strengths, motivators, demotivators, and potential opportunities for growth commonly associated with these characteristics.

Golden assesses 5 global scores, the 4-letter Jungian personality type E-I, S-N, T-F, A-Z, and a fifth global scale looking at responses to stress. In addition, there are 18 sub-facets measuring differences between people of the same type.

Results on the Golden are presented in a narrative report that helps people interpret their results. This feedback report covers areas such as a portrait of one’s personality type, an in-depth description of preferences, likely strengths and areas for development, communication style, team preferences and personal motivators. The personal insights drawn from the Golden enable it to be effectively used for developmental interventions such as staff development, coaching, career planning, team building and salesforce training.