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Preparing for the future: Succession Planning
Succession planning is a process of identifying and developing current employees with the potential to fill key leadership or high-stakes positions in an organization. Traditionally, succession planning has been viewed as aimed at filling the CEO or the highest position in an organization. However, given the growing challenges of managing today’s complex workforce, maintaining a talent pool of middle to senior management has become just as important as ensuring a plan for the topmost leadership role.
Seeing Millennials through the Sosie lens
Idealistic, self-absorbed, unfocused, impatient, internet-obsessed, noncompliant, and demanding. Meet the Millennials, coming soon to a cubicle near you. Never before has a cohort of people triggered as much exasperation as this generation.
Benchmark your talent to Singapore Norms

Norms refer to a sample of data that has been collected for use as a benchmark or comparison group when interpreting results on a psychometric test. For norms to be effective, careful sampling is needed to ensure that the sample is suitably representative of the population.

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