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Bennett Mechanical Comprehension Test

Mechanical aptitude for technical, mechanical & repair occupations

The Bennett Mechanical Comprehension Test (BMCT) requires candidates to respond to questions associated with a series of clear illustrations showing a particular mechanical principle in operation.

The BMCT focuses on practical problem-solving ability, application of physical laws and mechanical operations. By assessing candidates’ ability to deduce “how things work”, the BMCT is particularly relevant for employee assessment in roles relating to engineering, installation, maintenance and repair, automotive, aircraft or general mechanical positions, transportation or machine operators, skilled tradesperson, and sales representatives in technical or industrial settings.

Sample Question 1:

Answer: B

The question shows two men carrying a weighted object on a plank. As the object is closer to man “B” than to man “A”, man “B” is shouldering more weight. So the correct answer is “B”

Sample Question 2:

Answer: C

Studying the question, you will note that the letter “C” is between the two supporting wheels, so the passenger sitting at “C” will get the smoothest ride. So the correct answer is “C”.

Applications for BMCT

Recruitment: As a tool to select or sift-out applicants in volume or mass recruitment for roles where an understanding of mechanical reasoning and spatial awareness is important.

Reducing risk: Hiring individuals with poor mechanical reasoning for roles that involve driving, using heavy machinery, or repairing equipment could result in workplace injuries and harm to themselves and others.

Training: Measuring mechanical reasoning ability pre- and post-training in relevant apprenticeships and training courses. BMCT assesses the trainee’s learning and the training effectiveness.

Norm Groups Available
  • US Mechanical Trades
  • US Engineers
  • US Industry/Technical Reps
  • US Skilled Tradesperson